edco - swiss cycling components

  • Light weight one piece cassette made of CrMo hardened steel for long durability. Shimano/Sram fitting. 11 speed. Gear ratio: 11-27 / (11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-24-27)

  • EDCO wheelset with ILT 9K 8mm Twill weave with 3K rim bed finish Optimised aero rim Tubelss Ready

  • 50mm Composite clincher Composite structure EDCO wheelset with ILT 1697 g (Front 746 g / Rear 951 g)

  • 28mm Full carbon Clincher Full UD carbon, with 3K rim bed finish EDCO wheelset with ILT White - Black shadow Color 1355 g (Front 590 g / Rear 765 g)


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